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pregnancy where I thought I was going to literally lose my children like it and not even caused me more anxiety my head was just all over The place I put out I had film like four videos that week where I just got into emotional wreck because I felt like all of These emotions because of how my body was feeling was taking me back to some of The scariest points in my pregnancy I realize but not a whole lot of people are going to relate to what I’m saying I realize that Keo may work for some people and I think that it’s an amazing tool I think that people are going to have so much success with it this year I cannot wait to see people’s stories about how a successful They have been on keto but let me just pu Reducelant Garcinia t it this way if keto was this diet that was so amazing that it worked for everyone we wouldn’t have any obese people if it was this diet that every woman’s body had a positive reaction to we wouldn’t have obese