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to forward fold belly comes over your thighs grab for opposing elbows and let your head dangle even here continue with your breath [Music] good two more times [Music] breaPure Slimlineit on your exhale release your hands glide your hands to your shin bones on an inhale halfway lift your chest leng n out your spine and it’s okay if your knees are a little bit soft here you want to focus on a longer spine more than you worry about perfectly straight legs take your heart through and let Pure Slimlineba RenuX Forskolin ck of your neck be long take ano r breath in exhale forward fold slide your hands up to your hips on your inhale rise all Pure Slimlineway up reach your arms up overhead seal your palms and  n exhale your thumbs right into your heart  n step your feet ei r directly underneath yo 

RenuX Forskolin ur hips or bring your big toes to