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This “Big secret” is CLA Safflower Oil diet revealed in the Meridian Health Protocol and includes the study of meridians. Also known as the “body energy paths”, meridians are responsible for the free flow of energy between organs. When these are blocked, you start experiencing a wide range of health problems, becoming prone to AIDS, HIV, dementia, heart attacks, brain tumors and other similar conditions. This entire concept of “meridians” came into the attention of the Western world back in 1922. Subsequent studies made on over 500 people have proved that when the human meridian system is unlocked, diseases start to disappear.

The meridian science has gone mainstream, being backed by numerous Hollywood stars such as Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr. and Gweneth Paltrow. They have all experienced that activating meridian points and the chi energy can help one get relief from all health problems that are so common nowadays.

Chinese people have never had to deal with the conditions we Westerners have to deal with. This only proves the statements provided by the Meridian Health Protocol program. The Traditional Chinese medicine is trustworthy and can make wonders for both men and women, while our contemporary medicine is all a big lie created to enlarge the pockets of certain moguls.